Workshop in brief

UPDATE: Workshop proceedings are now available for download here.

CCCiC GROUP 2014 is the second chapter of the CCCiC international workshop series, which will take place at ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork to be held in Sanibel Island, Florida (USA), November 9, 2014.

Following up the successful first event of the series at the 2014 ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2014) (for more information check CCCiC CSCW 2014), USA, we now elaborate on the resulting roadmap for future research in the domain devised in it.

Therefore, this workshop seeks contributions cialishowtobuy exploring issues of collaboration and coordination for informal care addressing concepts emerging from field research, methodological challenges, work-in-progress, and the design and evaluation of technological solutions for it.